About Me (Boh)!

Identity: Transfemme, Non-binary

Pronouns: She / They

Interests: Writing; poetry; lore & worldbuilding; community; genderizing and ungenderizing myself; pixel art; zine-making; alt rock

This will also act as my miscellaneous page for 'Changelogging' and journaling

March 26, 2024: Really trying to feel myself out lately. My boundaries, my confidences and competencies, my gaps, my frustrations and joys. Had a day out in the garden and a nice breakfast at the park. Got mad at my website. Got outraged at my website. Got ecstatic at my website.

March 27, 2024: Added a music player, a guestbook, and better mobile support *Purrs happily*

June 5, 2024: HAPPY PRIDE, EVERYMEOWDY!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Added Superhell Zone! Yippee! Hyperfixation are a go! Art and Friends, are a go! Trans Cursor added, lets-a go! They can't stop me now, oh god. :3

June 20 2024: Pride continues- Honing my Trans Wavedash, one day i will overthrow kings and eat thrones... Oh, and I added a Media Review Page