Boh's always batting stuff around, let's see what she thinks of all this '''Content''':


Steven Universe - A certified classic, formative. 8.5/10 kitty snacks

Infinity Train - An AMAZING hit that deserved better, though Season Two elevated it to a level that had me vibrating. Owen’s making an Among Us show now. Wow. 9.5/10 kitty snacks

Over the Garden Wall - This taps into unknown emotions for me, a yearly rewatch is in order. 8.5/10 kitty snacks

Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse - Holy fuck Holy Fuck holy FUCk Holy Fuuucckkkkk 11/10 kitty snacks

Midsummer- Watched this drunk and it didn’t help but I don’t think being sober would’ve saved me, lol. 7.5/10 kitty snacks

Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter- Whatttt the fuccckkkkk. 8/10 kitty snacks


The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang - Retroactive egg-cracking moment, VERY accessible and cute art, lot of wish fulfillment. 9/10 kitty snacks

The Bride was a Boy by Chii- Wholesome little journaling of a trans person’s journey in Japan, very honest and transparent look at LGBTQ+ life in another culture. 8.5/10 kitty snacks

Defekt by Nino Cipri - One of the first books I’ve EVER read the audio book for, and it enhanced it so so much. So much character, involves a corporate stooge learning to go anticapitalist feral, which makes me go feral in turn. 9/10 kitty snacks

Fun Home: A family tragicomic by Alison Bechdel - Dense, breathless, gay whirlwind of a journey by the graphic novelist who made the Bechdel Test. 7.5/10 kitty snacks

Love Me For Who I Am Vol. 1 by Ei Tozaki - The amount of genderqueer comic artists just making stuff representing them without the taint of fetishization or western interference is so refreshing, my gosh. 9/10 kitty snacks


Super Mario World- The first joy I can remember finishing. 9.5/10 kitty snacks

Super Metroid - A fucking triumph of a game. 10/10 kitty snacks

Donkey Kong County - monkey. 9/10 bananas

Super Paper Mario- I will defend this thing. Fight me. 8/10 kitty snacks

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door- What can I say, I simply yahoo yippee wahoo. Trans Vivian Confirmed. 9.5/10 kitty snacks

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time - BABIES. 7.5/10 kitty snacks

Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition- I remember this coming free on the 3DS and playing for hours with my Zelda series-loving friend, great times, snappy, fun gameplay. 9/10 kitty snacks

Super Mario Galaxy - Distinct memories of getting pelted by meteorites over and over and over. Pain. 8/10 kitty snacks

Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze - m o n k e . 9/10 bananas


‘One Night / All Night’ by Tame Impala + Justice - I can’t tell how much fruit is in this, but I’m putting a pin to come back to Kevin Parker in a few years just in case. This goes past ‘Chasing Amy movie extreme conclusion where the only way I could get the girl is to be the girl’ more to something like ‘The Incel to Trans Pipeline’ (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAA1XtDOuH8), where while you’re absolutely valid for exploring your gender identity, maybe just work out your feelings on women, in ADDITION… Anyways any way you slice it this is still a bop, a jam, a banger. 9/10 kitty snacks

‘Runaway Girl’ by Alice Merton - This is something Gwen Stacy from Into the Spiderverse would listen to. 8.5/10 kitty snacks

‘Wolf’ by Yeah Yeah Yeahs - When I first listened to this in full on headphones I felt like I was having a second bisexual awakening, 9.5/10 kitty snacks

‘Living in a Haze’ by Milky Chance - This goes out to 19-year-old boh dancing at a college party at 2 am despite having no idea why they’re there and being miserable. Song and music video has mad enby and trans-masc vibes. 8/10 kitty snacks

‘Let it Happen’ by Tame Impala Am I projecting about Kevin Parker because he tranced my gender when I listened to ‘Let It Happen’ on a subway when I was a teen? Maybe! 10/10 kitty snacks